Meet the Brille II

With its legendary comfort and

limitless versatility, you could sit

and marvel at the innovative and

thoughtful design of the Brille II all day. 

But like the purebred it is, the Brille II

just wants to get up and run…

through the sprinkler, the creek,

the canyon, the ocean, the campsite...

you get the idea. 

So, slip them on and let yourself go.

There isn’t enough summer for all the

places your Brille II wants to take you.

Legendary Comfort

With it's extra thick insole, padded heel collar

& innovative thermoplastic rubber outsole, 

the Brille II achieves a comfort level that leaves

most water shoes wishing they could keep up.o

Limitless Versatility

Made from breathable and quick-drying neoprene & mesh material, the Brille II effortlessly goes from water to land and back again all day long.