Meet the Rainier

One day we thought,

"What would happen if we put a fleece lined

sleeping bag on top of our flexible and supportive

Tate sandal to a make a slipper?"

Audacious? Genius? Crazy? 

This is exactly the kind of thinking that makes the Rainier anything but a traditional camp slipper. Don't get us wrong, we love traditions; hiking, campfires, stargazing...with the Rainier you'll do all of these and more, without the limitations of

traditional camp slippers that prefer the safety of

staying in the tent.

360 Degrees of Comfort

Breaking with tradition means reimagining what a camp slipper can be. For the Rainier, we started with a sleeping bag upper and fleece lined interior, added built in arch support, along with a cupped heel and toe, and then placed it on top of our compression molded EVA outsole that features rubber tractions pads, creating 360 degrees of comfort and versatility unlike anything you've experienced in a camp slipper.