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FLEX-TUFF™ Walcot Chore Boot

FLEX-TUFF™ Walcot Chore Boot

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walcot TPE chore boots

✅The Walcot's cutting-edge FLEX-TUFF™ technology, takes chore boots to the next level. Experience unmatched comfort, durability, and performance with the Walcot. 

There aren't any boots we could possibly compare it to. These boots speak for themselves when your foot first clicks in. So don't wait any longer, try them now with a 90 day trial!

✅ Enjoy the perfect fit of the Northside Walcot boots. Designed to fit like a regular shoe with a click-in design, your heel will effortlessly click into place every time. Experience unparalleled comfort and convenience with these innovative boots.

comfortable insole boots

Anti-Microbial Insole

  • Reduces the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi
  • Helps to prevent foot infections and skin irritations
  • Provides a healthier and more hygienic environment for your feet
  • Extends the life of your shoes by reducing the buildup of bacteria and fungi
  • Reduces the need for frequent washing or replacement of shoes and insoles
  • Provides a more comfortable and pleasant wearing experience for your feet.

non-slip outsole

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Built to last

✅ The first of its kind TPE boot

Extremely durable construction for long-lasting wear

✅ Low price point makes them an affordable option

✅ Features flex grooves for enhanced flexibility

✅ Grip handles + heel kick for easy on-off

✅ Ankle protection for added safety and support

ASTM certified anti-slip sole provides excellent traction and slip resistance!

What is the walcot? Let us show you